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Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology – Eldon Taylor Question and Answer

31 October 2012 No Comment

Eldon Taylor’s new book ‘Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology’ reviews the use of hypnosis to create meaningful change in beliefs, thought and feeling patterns so as to transform your life.

I haven’t had much luck with hypnosis myself and I tend not to like subliminals because I like knowing what I’m listening to.

That said, I’ve used past life regression a few decades ago and found it useful.

So when I heard about Eldon’s book, I thought I’d share with you some answers I received about his approach to hypnosis.

1) You have been called the “Master of the Mind” and “one of the world’s foremost experts in preconscious processing.” Can you tell us something about your background and how you became interested in hypnosis and subliminal communication?

I think I have always been interested in the power of the mind; early on I read a lot of books on the subject and attended numerous school specializing in hypnosis.

However, my interest really took off in the 80s. I was a practicing criminalist at the time and I frequently ran lie-detection examinations. One of the problems in lie-detection tests is in eliminating the inconclusives—some people are so nervous about the procedure itself that, even though they are innocent, they can give readings that would indicate deception.

On the other hand, some people are very experienced at taking lie-detection tests and they use counter-measures. I was looking for a way to make the innocent person more relaxed and the guilty person, more tense.

I came across some research regarding law enforcement using subliminal audio programs in a hostage situation, and although I could never verify this, it did give me the incentive to explore this area a whole lot more. I contacted numerous companies who were producing subliminal self-help programs and I discovered that the whole field was rife with mis-information. Quite frankly, many of these companies simply did not understand the process themselves, and as a result they were producing products with no retrievable subliminal content, poorly designed affirmations, or affirmations presented in such a way that the subconscious mind could only perceive it as being gibberish.

To cut a long story short, I did my own research and created my own subliminal program for use in my lie detection practice. The results were phenomenal! My inconclusives pretty much disappeared and I found myself launching a whole new career. If subliminal communication could be so effective in this scenario, what else could we achieve with it? I created more subliminal audio programs and allowed them to be tested by numerous independent institutions and researchers (such as scientists at Stanford University). The results were all positive.

My fascination with hypnosis followed a very similar path. Initially I used hypnosis for forensic applications, but as I learned more and more about the power of the mind, I started using hypnosis as a tool for personal growth.

As my reputation grew, I was called in as an expert court witness with regards to both hypnosis and subliminal communication.

2) Hasn’t subliminal communication been proven not to work and aren’t there laws banning their use anyway?

Now that is an interesting question! Why would you need laws banning their use if they have been proven ineffective. And if there were laws banning their use, how come they are being used so much today—in music, entertainment, movies and even during election cycles.

The fact is, there has been a concerted effort, by those who use these methods the most, to prevent laws from being created that would ban the use of subliminals. This is something I experienced first hand when we tried to introduce a bill in Utah to allow subliminals to be used only with informed consent. I was amazed at the number of major advertising companies who sent representatives to fight against this bill.

The closest thing we have today is a codification by the FCC that says subliminals should not be used. However, where the station may lose their broadcast license if they ‘knowingly’ air material containing subliminal information, there is no other punishment attached to this. As a result, even when George Bush’s campaign was discovered using a subliminal ad against Al Gore, nothing could be done about it—the stations broadcasting the commercial did not ‘know’ about the subliminal content, and there was no punishment that could be levied against Bush’s team for having included it. What is more interesting here is, subsequent research done at Adelphi University clearly showed that this ad would have influenced the voter!

If you do a quick search at youtube for subliminal ads, you will be amazed at how many there are and how frequently they are still being used. By turning the whole field into a joke, the mind manipulators are allowed to carry on using these techniques unhindered!

3) Isn’t hypnosis just a sci-fi myth – or can people really be made to do someone else’s bidding?

No – hypnosis is very real and has been researched extensively by the U.S. government. By slowing down brain wave activity it is possible to access memories you thought you had forgotten, change your feelings about an experience and prime yourself to act in a way of your choosing at some future event.

The fact is, everyone (except the very young and those with some cognitive deficiency that does not allow them to concentrate) can be hypnotized. However, you cannot be made to do something that would go against your own inner standards/values. If you were pushed in this way during a hypnosis session, you would simply come out of hypnosis!

4) How are hypnosis and subliminal communication related and why do you think they are vital tools for self-improvement?

Both hypnosis and subliminal technology deal directly with the subconscious mind, which is the repository of all of your experiences, feelings and reaction. These subconscious beliefs play a definite role in your ability to achieve goals. For example, if you were brought up to believe that ‘money is the source of all evil,’ and then you had the conscious desire to be rich and successful, this subconscious belief would keep finding ways to sabotage you. Or maybe your outer goal is to lose weight, but somewhere in your past you were hurt by a significant other, so you put on extra weight in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Until you deal with some of these subconscioius beliefs, until your inner goals are in line with your outer goals, success will always elude you.

Hypnosis works by slowing down brainwave activity, which makes it easier to recover memories, to access your own subconscious beliefs and also to reprogram yourself for success. Subliminal communication works by bypassing conscious awareness and all of its defense mechanisms. It changes your self-talk (the beliefs held by your subconscious) from the inside out. As your self-talk changes, so does your life experience. It’s important to note, the current data suggests that approx. 90% of your choices are actually made by the nucleus accumbens, the area of the brain that is in our subconscious domain.

5) Can you share some of the greatest success stories using hypnosis?

I think my most amazing experience with hypnosis was when I was doing this for a client who needed to learn pain management. One day, after a normal session, she suddenly began to channel a Chinese entity! It seems he had some information specifically for me, but I had to send the audio recording off to the language department at the University of Utah before I could learn what he was saying!

However, that really is an anomalous kind of event! I think, not counting that one, I have used forensic hypnosis to assist a victim in providing identifying information after he was robbed at gun-point. Out of hypnosis, all he could remember was the size of the gun, but under hypnosis he even managed to remember the car and a partial license plate.

I have also used hypnosis for child birth, when a friend of mine asked for help as she wanted to minimize the use of drugs for pain.

6. What else can you use hypnosis for?

There are so many areas in which hypnosis has been used successfully. These range from weight loss and smoking, to pain management and stress, from enhancing sports performance to enhancing learning abilities, from self-healing to sex enhancement, and from meditation to past life regression.

7. Do you have any amazing success stories as a result of using subliminal communication?

All success stories are amazing, simply because they have improved the quality of that person’s life. However, some of the most fascinating stories would have to include the individual who credited using a program for Prosperity and Abundance for finding a winning lottery ticket, or the person who trades on the stock exchange and always does better when working with this same program. And I have received a number of letters from people in remission from cancer, who attribute this to using the Spiritual Healing for Cancer program that I offer.

8. What else can you use subliminal programs for?

Again, this list is as wide as those for hypnosis. Basically, if you do not believe you can succeed, then this belief will prevent you from becoming the best that you can be. The best part of my job is the many letters I receive, on a daily basis, telling me how much their lives have improved using my InnerTalk subliminal programs. I love hearing from the mother who is happy that her child is no longer afraid of school, or the student who has just passed their law school Bar exam, or the Olympic athlete who just won a medal. I have received letters regarding relationship, health, spirituality, better life, business and addictions. All of these are areas users have reported improvements in, which have resulted in an increased quality of life.

9. You say in your book that self-hypnosis and subliminal communication are the best self-help tools. Do you use them yourself, and if so, how?

Yes, I use them myself virtually every day! The subliminal programs are easy to use as they can just be played in the background as you go about your day.

Sometimes I will be working on something specific, say avoiding catching a cold that is going around. In this instance I use the Accelerated Healing and Well-Being program. When I am not working on something specific, then I like to keep myself ‘tuned up’ and will use a program such as Optimism Plus or Quantum Younging. I actually have a number of programs that I have put on my i-phone, which of course has built in speakers. This way I can keep my phone in its holster and benefit from the subliminal programs whatever I am doing.

I generally use self-hypnosis twice a day. I try to take time out to meditate every day and self-hypnosis can really speed this process up. I can achieve in a 10 minute session what would take me half an hour if I did not use self-hypnosis. I also use self-hypnosis last thing at night. It is a great way to go to sleep and also for keeping myself focused on my goals while I am sleeping.

10. In your book, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology, you provide step-by-step instructions for learning self-hypnosis and for creating your own subliminal program. Is this really all you need, or is this just an introduction to more courses and classes the reader needs to go through before they can achieve any practical benefits?

No, I have tried to make the course as complete as possible. I explain the theory behind both processes, provide detailed information on how to do it all yourself, and give you examples of how you can take these techniques even further. The book comes with an audio CD so that you can experience all of this as well, so there can be no confusion about whether or not you are doing it correctly. Once you have been through this course, you will know:

· The 5 different steps for putting yourself into a hypnotic state;
· Several visualization, induction and deepening techniques, including deepening to eliminate distraction;
· All about post-hypnotic cues, affirmations, self-suggestions, how to uncover information and find the positive in negative experiences;
· How hypnosis can be used to create new habits, uncover hidden conflicts that often cause self-destructive patterns and discover new solutions to old problems; and
· Even how to use hypnosis for expanding conscious awareness, out of body awareness, regression-therapy, and automatic-writing/drawing!

You will also know:
· How subliminal communication works;
· Why it is so much more powerful than simply using affirmations;
· How to write effective affirmations for subliminal delivery;
· The importance of choosing the right soundtrack; and
· How you can create your own custom subliminal program, for whatever goal you seek to achieve!
I also provide plenty of examples of how to use these two techniques in your own self-improvement program.

11. Can you tell us a little about your special book launch event?

My publicist has really gone to town on this book launch. She has enlisted the support from a large number of my friends and colleagues and they are all offering additional bonus gifts when you get your copy during the book launch event. We also have numerous drawings for some other fabulous gifts from personalities such as Linda Evans (Emmy nominated and award winning actress and author), Dee Wallace (award winning actress, author, healer and teacher), Norm Shealy (M.D., researcher and teacher), Crystal Andrus (best-selling author and women’s advocate), Alex Loyd (author and teacher of The Healing Codes), Caroline Sutherland (author and renowned medical intuitive), Shazzie (author, teacher and raw food expert) and Steven Halpern (award winning composer and recording artist).

There is also a drawing to win 2 tickets, airfare and hotel to a Hay House I Can Do It Conference, where you will have the chance to see Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, myself and many other prominent self-help authors. To learn more about this book launch, please click HERE.


As a spiritual teacher, I put a lot of emphasis on working with the Soul and one’s own Divinity to transform inner emotional and mental energy blocks and patterns.

Opening to and consciously building a deep relationship with your Divine Source Self by aligning with your Soul is based on developing a lasting trust based relationship with yourself and your Self.

My work is about opening to the vastness of Who I Am as a spiritual master and helping others do the same. What that means is that I’m more concerned with integrating my fifth and higher dimensional awareness into my human, third dimensional awareness and daily life rather than manipulating my third dimensional awareness.

How that translates is that I sit in Silence and do emotional release and use sound healing to clear my emotional and thought patterns that are stuck.

My understanding of hypnosis is that it works on the third and fourth dimensional level of awareness.

What I have not yet answered fully for myself yet is whether hypnosis interferes with Soul alignment.

What I do know is that results matter. And if you can use a specific technique that gets you real results in an area of your life that is important to you, then that technique works for you.

I also know that your Divine Self and Soul will lead you to those things that help you to achieve what is needed. The important thing as with all things is discernment.

Is it your inner Guidance nudging you to use a particular method or technique or is it an aspect of yourself looking for something new to distract you from the deeper work/play of building your relationship with your Soul that is needed?

Have you used hypnosis successfully to transform an important area in your life? Do you have an opinion on hypnosis, one way or the other?

Please share! I’d love to hear about your experience and get your feedback on some of the issues raised.

Until next time, Angel Hugzzzz,




Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology – Eldon Taylor Question and Answer

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