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Remember To Believe In You – A When You Believe Reminder From Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey On the Oprah Show

8 September 2013 No Comment

Sometimes I forget but I remembered this morning to continue my day with music after my morning deep breathing and Soul alignment meditation.

I’d left Stevie Wonder’s ‘You Are the Sunshine of My Life’ in my first things to look at when opening up my browser.

And he was lovely! 😉

Then I saw a music video with both Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey singing ‘When You Believe’.

Today is the second Sunday in September 2013. The beginning of another week of creation for every human being on this planet.

There are a few things I think most of us could probably agree on zapping away into oblivion, never to be re-created.

You know the things… human trafficking, slavery, disease, poverty, crime, hatred… the list could go on a bit.

And there are both collective and individual dreams that we get distracted from believing and creating every day, that there probably would be general consensus about.

Good food…

Clean and plentiful water…



Health care…


Money supply…

Freedom and

Full creative self expression

for all of our collective 7 billion plus soul mates across the planet.

That combination of abundance was what I taught both my children to pray for each day when they were very young. They still pray for all of those things, as do I.

But I don’t spend enough time imagining the reality of all that abundance every day.

I don’t picture each of the over 7 billion human beings on the planet laughing, happy and enjoying…

good food, clean water, wearing great clothes, living in good, clean homes, being healthy, learning and growing, having money for what they both need and want and enjoying freedom and creating and expressing themselves fully.

I get distracted from picturing that…. I allow myself to get distracted from picturing that happy reality manifesting.

Every day.

And the times that I do don’t add up enough, isn’t built strong enough energy-wise, to be a focal point of cosmic frequency to help manifest this preferred reality of mine fast.

So this song by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey sung for the first time on the Oprah Show as shown in the video below, is my reminder to myself.

It’s a call to action.

To not be so distracted about the important things.

To focus on imagining and feeling good about what I want for this world.

To focus on and feel good about what I want for myself.

Every day.

For a few, wonderful short minutes each day.

It’s my chosen reminder this morning to focus my multidimensional source energy on picturing, imagining, feeling the wondrousness and fabuloshiousness of my life being completely the way I want it and the world and all of us being completely happy, peaceful, fulfilled and free.

I don’t know you and I don’t know if you feel boxed-in in your life in any way.

If there is any part of your life that does not exactly meet up with your highest, best, happiest vision of how you’d like it to be, how you would choose your life to be, if you could instantly wave your wand.

I have a few boxes in my life that I’m going to be stepping out of, stepping free of, to stretch and Be more of who I am.

If you have one or two boxes too, that you want to be free of, let this song ‘When You Believe’ remind you to imagine the freedom you’re claiming outside of that or those boxes.

Let this ‘When You Believe’ duet, with its powerful energy of two of the most gifted female singers of our time, combined with the very focused and powerful energy of one of the biggest paradigm-shifters on our planet, Oprah, .. let all that energy explode wonderfully to blast away whatever keeps you in your box or boxes, whatever keeps us all in our boxes.

In our comfort zones.

Feeling safe, even though we’re not feeding the very dreams, the next-step inner and outer expansions that would allow our Souls to sing and express through us even more…

Here’s to your highest vision Heaven on Earth life. And to mine. And to the highest vision Heaven On Earth life of and for each and every one of our seven billion plus soul-level family members


Happy 2nd Sunday of September 2013 to you… Create a Wonder-filled, Soul-aligned and heart-lived week.





Remember To Believe In You – A When You Believe Reminder From Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey On the Oprah Show

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