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Increased Full Expression of Divine Compassion On Earth – Hilarious Fun Video – If Men Had Periods

5 October 2013 No Comment


I don’t remember what I was clicking around to find but I ended up on Youtube and clicked around some more and found the video below.

I laughed and hooted and thought I’d share here… I’ve always felt the world would be a COMPLETELY different place if men had periods… and this video highlights the more superficial aspects.


After you’re done laughing… or Not… how about feeling out and getting deeper into how that monthly forced reconnecting to and with Life could change men individually and collectively.

Would being able to have babies help men to respect life more? To care more deeply about what it takes to sustain ordinary, daily life?

My thoughts go to the children, babies, men, women, families all around the world that don’t have adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, money supply, freedom and full creative self expression now, today.

The United States continues to provide critical lessons that all of us need to get. The current government shutdown and how US Congressional leaders rationalize it and its consequences in people’s daily lives is instructive.

Compassion is about caring enough to be able to imagine walking in someone else’s shoes or skin for a day, a week, for however long it takes to understand how a person feels living life.

As issues surface and force increased attention so as to evolve understanding and awareness – consciousness – individuals and groups transform their lived reality.

Increased understanding, compassion, respect and surrender to our coexistence gradually releases fear, separateness, stress, hate, anxiety and all those pent-up emotions, beliefs and thoughts that drive wedges between and hide the common humanity we all share.

Unless you are already a saint and enlightened, you also experience on a daily basis challenges that it soooo easy to blame and see another, others, as different and less than you.

I know I do. My fav ‘stupid’ adjective is most often directed at politicians and political talking heads whilst watching the news or political commentary shows.

But sometimes impatience and misunderstanding rears up with relatives, complete strangers on the phone, whoever over whatever. It’s human. We say and feel and excuse ourselves often with no attempt to slow down enough next time to take a deeper breath, step into heart and out of mind to connect with the person we’re about to lose patience with.

Waling in in someone else’s shoes, living someone else’s life for a split few seconds BEFORE flying off the handle.

And then starting over, deep breathing, and communicating with shifted heart translating into transformed tone, attitude.

Love. Compassion. Respect.

Saying even with a casual glance, and always through voice or written word, ‘You matter’.

‘You matter to me. You matter to Life. You matter, period, end of story. And I’m here to share with you for the few seconds or minutes or however long it takes, for this specific coming together to be mutually and successfully completed.’

Whether it’s a one-minute conversation with a telephone number information operator, someone on the phone at the bank, doctor, insurance company etc, etc, etc…

Whether it’s the beggar on the road asking for money that you know will fund the next fix…

Whether it’s the female fruit vendor who you know has kids to support…

Whoever, whatever the details of your ‘coming together’ orchestrated by Life.

Deep breathe.


Feel yourself filled with Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Power from your own Divine Source. Feel Full. Feel your fullness overflowing.

Then look, speak, type/write/share deeply, consciously, allowing your overflow to Bless, Uplift, Inspire, Strengthen other, others.

I breathe in deeply now and consciously fill myself with Divine Compassion and request my Divine Self and Angel and other Cosmic Friends to share that, blaze that in, though and around every human being on planet Earth now.

Let Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power establish itself now for the transformation in everyday practical reality of the lives of all seven billion plus human soul mates.






Increased Full Expression of Divine Compassion On Earth – Hilarious Fun Video – If Men Had Periods

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