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How To Tips To Create Your Heaven On Earth Day – Spiritual Protection Of Your Energy Field Boundaries

5 March 2013 5 Comments

Hi There!!!

I wanted us to talk today about honouring the boundaries of your body’s energy field.

In other fields of study such as psychology, we hear about honouring your boundaries – mental, emotional and physical.

In spirituality, honouring your spiritual energy field boundaries is also of critical importance.

I created a video about this and below you’ll find some of the transcript notes.

How are you this morning?

And how are your family members, loved ones and friends?

I ask about your loved ones because your energy field is almost always directly connected to those people who are in your life.

So you may sometimes find yourself feeling emotions and thinking thoughts that don’t seem relevant to what’s happening with you.

Now we’re not going to get into denial today, so let’s assume you’re not denying or running away from facing emotional or mental stresses for the sake of today’s lesson.

When you find yourself feeling suddenly down, irritated or otherwise in an emotional or mental spin, you may be picking up on and tied into the energy frequency of someone you know.

You may also find yourself thinking of a specific family member, loved one or friend all of a sudden.

Your shift in feelings and/or thoughts may not be related to the person you are thinking about, but they may be.  

To find out, you could get in touch with the person to check in to see how they are generally and specifically.

If they seem and say that they are fine, wrap up your conversation and then deep breathe a bit and ask for guidance on whose energy you may be picking up on.

If you can’t figure out who it is, you can separate your energy field consciously.   This will remove energy links from your human aura so that your energy field is not affected by the thoughts and feelings of the people in your life.

Release and Clear Your Energy Field Connections With Others Every Day

It is also a good daily practice to ground and strengthen the boundaries of your energy field consciously each morning and during the day when you remember.   Night time, before going to bed is also another great time.

This will help you to not be affected by the energetic frequency shifts that your loved ones are experiencing.   And it will allow you to go about your day free to to do what you need to.

Please understand that honoring the boundaries of your individual energy field does not mean that you do not love your family members, loved ones, friends, acquaintances and indeed the over seven billion other human beings alive on planet Earth at this time.

Yes, your energy field is also connected to everyone on Earth too!  😉

What it does mean is that you are not allowing your own energy to be depleted or compromised by the energy fields of others.

This allows you to be centered, grounded and strong so that if you do need to render assistance to a partner, child, family member, friend or stranger, you are able to do so powerfully, from a position of real strength.

An Example of How Your Energy Field Interconnections Can Prevent You From Giving Your Best Help To Those You Love

A simple example of this is when you are caring for a family member who is sick.  When your own energy field is centered and strong, you are not affected by contagious germs as easily nor do you become stressed as easily.

This enables you to give continued care for as long as is needed with decreased risk of becoming ill yourself and unable to care for your loved one as best as you can.

Also, when you are well and your energy frequency is high, your prayers for assistance for your loved ones is much more powerful.

This is because again, you are praying from a place of confidence, power and faith, strong in your own connection to the Divine.

So make time each morning, several times during your day and always at night, to release your energetic connections with family, loved ones, friends and especially anyone you got upset with during your day.

The upset feelings are very powerful since they are highly charged emotionally…. and you don’t want to take that energy into your nightly slumber, do you?  😉

ANGELACHENSHUI.com thumbnail5

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Ok, that’s a powerful tip for Soul alignment and energy clearing that you can use every day to keep your energy frequency uncluttered and unaffected by all the ‘stuff’ going on around you.

Remember clearing and keeping your energy clear each day does not mean that you don’t love your family, friends and those you interact with every day… it does mean that you understand that you cannot assist them if your own energy is depleted because it is entangled with their and everybody else’s energy fields.

You are always best able to love and provide assistance to those you love and care about when your energy is centered and aligned with that of your Divine Source, so that your Divine Self is able to render assistance through you to help those you love and care about the most.

Until tomorrow, I wish you Love and send warm Angel Hugzzzz,




How To Tips To Create Your Heaven On Earth Day – Spiritual Protection Of Your Energy Field Boundaries

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  • Matthew said:

    Very nice message on energetic energy – I’ll be checking mine more often! I also love LOVE your Bill Cosby quote!

  • Angela Chen Shui (author) said:

    Thanks so much Matthew! And YESSSS to Bill’s quote.. it’s my ‘puter wallpaper… SOOOOOOO powerful!

  • The Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge Day 7 said:

    […] Here’s where you can find ‘How To Tips To Create Your Heaven On Earth Day – Spiritual Protection Of Your Energy Field …. […]

  • Edward said:

    Hello from Western Europe! (21:45)

    It’s a nice video in itself,
    but a little too mild…
    My first question regarding this particular
    subject of aura cleansing would be based on
    a more complicated matter. As to ask you about
    cleansing oneself’s aura after being a victim of
    red magic, performed on a man by a woman using her
    menstrual fluids during intercourse, and that is
    without him knowing it!…
    She lied,..had intercourse with him, eventhough she
    was still on her day before last of her period.

    What can you say on this topic?

    Best regards,


  • Angela Chen Shui (author) said:

    Hi Edward!

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment and question.

    Yep! That topic is way more complicated! 😉

    To tell you the truth, I’ve been blogging from August 2004 and I’ve only written blogged about aura protection a couple times.

    That’s because much of third dimensional consciousness is already too tied up in the fourth dimension, the plane of magic, psychic phenomena etc rather than fifth dimensional Heaven On Earth consciousness.

    Although I’ve coached persons when called upon privately in matters of this nature, I don’t get into the drama in my public teaching or communication.

    Having said that, I have been getting to share more on this topic so perhaps during this 30-day blogging challenge I’ll do that a bit. But it won’t be on anything as involved as your case. 😉

    What I will say here in relation to what you outlined is that psychic attack can only occur if there’s an energetic leak. Take care of the leak – mental, emotional, physical, etheric – and you up your frequency vibration which cannot then be affected by lower vibrational energy.

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