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For Daily Inspirational High Frequency Charging – Consciously Set Your Energy To Create Powerful Day #1

12 December 2013 No Comment

Good Morning to you from Jamaica on this wonderful 2nd Thursday and the twelfth day of December, 2013.

Candle Fire Light

I recently put together another playlist of high frequency energy setting videos that I like to use at the beginning or during each day for a great energy boost.

I’ll share each one by one as I have time to add them and link them all together each so anyone, including me, can find them no matter which one we first see.

This one is from a satsang conducted by Mooji at the Zmar Retreat on, 12 May 2013. The title of the Youtube video is ‘Overcome the Fear of Going All the Way’.


I have several playlists of Mooji’s satsangs. This is the first one that I put in this new Vasting Out Daily Inspirational playlist because it tackles an issue that is facing humanity now.

As we each move closer to stepping into fuller, deeper and vaster alignment with our Divine Self, it is natural to feel fearful, unsafe and scared about moving so far outside our comfort zone.

Integrating your Divinity into your daily life means fully trusting that aspect of You that most of society says you do not have.

Did your parents teach you that you are a Divine Expression of All That Is, of God, of Goddess, of Life Itself?

Did your schools?

Probably not.

And if you speak of Being Divine, Being a Divine Expression of God/dess/Life, you will probably be thought of as weird, heretic and stupid.

The consciousness scale on Earth has not yet been tipped enough for that to be mainstream thinking yet. It’s coming but we’re not there yet.

And so anyone who is internally ready or getting ready to Be and express from this inner Divinity has to detach from the need to fit in, to be accepted and to be agreed with and approved of.

That takes a lot of consistent stepping out of the default comfort zone that seeks to keep us safe.

This morning, as I wrote my Morning Pages, I again noted for what may be the millionth time, that there is no safely in putting my faith and trust in anything or anyone outside of my Self/self, outside of God/dess/Life/All That Is.

I keep needing to remind myself.

Because my human feels safer, more comfortable trusting what I’ve been programmed to trust as being the source of my good.

And that mass consciousness programming is exactly what keeps me and anyone not fully at peace and in alignment with owning and Being and expressing our Divinity, separated from our core Divine Love, Wisdom and Power.

So the results we’re clear that we want don’t manifest smoothly.

And confusion about what we desire expresses the deep fear of Being our Vast, Divine Selves.

So years go by and our core, deep, heart-closest desires remain unfulfilled.

And we feel disconnected.



Sometimes hopeless.

Not fully free.

Not dancing in joy every day.

Not laughing fully.

Not feeling blissful as often as we could.

Not facing our sadness straight on because we feel we may not survive looking at it, feeling it, allowing it full expression so it can be honored, healed, released.

At these times, it helps to ‘Overcome the Fear of Going All the Way’.

Of fully allowing in your Divine Self as 100% equal partner in your life.

I Am.

I Am safe.

I Am safe Being.

I Am safe Being Me.

I Am worthy.

I Am a Sun Presence of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power.

I Am Divine Victory.

I Am Life Itself.

I Am.

When you flow with your I Am, your magic flows. You experience increased synchronicity between what you choose and your chosen desire showing up.

Allow your Divine Self full partnership status within your consciousness, within your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, actions, life.

Allow your Divine Consciousness to infuse your human consciousness with its Divine Essence so your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, actions, life are transformed, uplifted, enlightened.

Allow your magic to turn on full flow within you and within your life and within all your affairs.

Be the vastness that you are.

Embrace your Divine Essence. Fully.

And dance.


Through each moment.

Each hour.

Each day.

For eternity.

Highlight Mooji Quotation:

Wherever you find yourself, right there is a door to your inmost being. ~Mooji

Peace be with you….

And Angel Hugzzzz and Love,



For Daily Inspirational High Frequency Charging – Consciously Set Your Energy To Create Powerful Day #1

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