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Follow Your Guidance Today – Will.I.Am Advice To World UK Voice 2012 Auditions Video – Follow Your Gut

30 May 2012 No Comment

Will-I-Am had a special message for the world when his decision to follow his gut and wait for the unknown spectacular gift paid off.

The audience and you when you watch the vids below of the very last UK Voice 2012 Audition Series, saw the raw emotion when he described what the song ‘Ordinary People’ meant to him.

Will.i.am said he wrote it about someone he was in a relationship with for nine years, who took care of him when he was poor and had nothing.

He also said that the song, that was a piece of his life, was not originally sung the way he wanted it to be. Then Becky Hill, a 17-year old girl, sang it her way, closer to what he intended. Listen… with your heart. To the words. The feeling…

[youtube width=”550″ height=”450″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcKalMSjSII[/youtube]

But, although he turned for her first and Becky got the power of his story about the meaning of the song, she felt a closer connection to the only female judge on the panel, Jessie J.

Then there was another amazing singer. By this time, all the judges except Will.i.am. had their full complement of ten. So he was the only one who could ‘turn’ to choose.

Again, you could see that Will.i.am liked him. And the audience, live and watching the video replay, knew that contestant’s story, and were rooting for him.

But Will.i.am didn’t get that ‘Go’. And he explained that nicely so the guy, who was very gracious and grateful just to have been chosen to audition was fine.

Then the next singer came on stage.

The live, TV and replay audience also knew his story. Like the former signer, he was an expectant father. But he was a teacher. Who taught singing. For me, that gave him an edge, going in. 😉 Teachers have the next hardest job after parents. 😉

And here’s what happened…

[youtube width=”550″ height=”450″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zko5LqTNtvs[/youtube]

Notice, how after Will’s disappointment, how Life, through Jessie J, offered up another high five confirmation to Will.i.am and everyone present, that Will.i.am’s gamble had truly paid off.

The gift of ‘Ordinary People’ being sung even better. Wow! 😉

Know that your own highest good is right around the corner. Far enough away and out of sight for you to not know, factually, reassuringly, that it’s there, waiting.

Whatever it is that you’re facing today. Be fully present to it. Not only to the nitty gritty superficial details. But to the underlying issues.

The issues that make the situation complicated. The issues that, together, make you feel confused, unclear, not sure.

Be present to the entire wholeness of the situation. Breathe. If it’s something you don’t need to decide today, I always suggest sleeping on it. So you can conference during the sleep stage with your I Am Presence, Guardian Angenls, other Angels and Cosmic Friends.

You’ll wake up more clear. Even if you’re not aware of a clear decision yet.

But even if time is short and you need to choose, tune into your Guidance.

Deep breathe. Relax. Deep breathe again. And again. Until you feel yourself less stressed, more connected and grounded inside.

Then close your eyes and feel in your heart. And ask. ‘Help’. ‘What’s my next step in this situation?’

Breathe. Listen. Trust. Listen. Breathe. Wait. Know. Trust. Choose.

As Will.i.am said, ‘as a lesson to everyone on the planet, follow your gut’.

Your Soul and your Divine Essence or Divine I Am Presence is there with you, 24/7/365. To help you, to fully express and live through you, to touch, move and inspire yourself, your life, and all others with whom you interact.

Be in service to this vaster You, to Life and to others. And let this intention of being in service help you, guide you, into stepping into the ever vaster expression and bliss of Being All That You Are.

The life skill of using your Guidance involves several steps that require practice:

** Opening to, allowing yourself, being willing to access your Guidance

** Listening for, paying attention inside to the whispers of Guidance

** Hearing and developing trust in your Guidance by implementing it in small ways to test and ramping it up until it becomes as natural as breathing

To assist you in developing this smoothly and powerfully into your daily life, I’d recommend using spiritual guided meditations to practice how to consciously quiet the mind to allow space within to access your Guidance.

Spiritual meditation is one key way to clear space within that allows you to listen to and access your own Guidance from within the Silence of your daily meditation practice.

To start the process of following your Guidance more today, here is my Spiritual Guided Meditation – the Gentle Pathway to the Soul‘ ebook.

It explains how spiritual healing cosmic guided meditations can help you develop and deepen your spiritual meditation practice.

Follow Your Guidance Today – Will.I.Am Advice To World UK Voice 2012 Auditions Video – Follow Your Gut

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