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Create Your Heaven On Earth Life – Tune Into Your Inner Divine Bliss Anytime You Want To

18 March 2014 No Comment

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening to YOUUUUUUU!!!! However many hours are left, ENJOY every second and minute, FULL OUT.

Each is priceless.

And comes around only once.

Breathe. FEEL, Hold and Embrace the inner Bliss that’s always there. If you don’t find it immediately, stay, search it out until you find. I promise you it’s there. Feel the gratitude for who you are and the unique, even if not fully happy life you have.

Gratitude for what you do have always leads you to your Bliss. Continued Gratitude = Continued Bliss.

Tap into your Gratitude Bliss a lot today to grow cascades more Bliss to fill, spill over into all you do, to all with whom you interact with.

Pause now. Breathe in. Quickly list five things in your heart and mind that you’re grateful for.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Breathe each in even more. Feel your body fill with Gratitude. Adding visuals helps increase the Feeling, the energy. So add color, texture. You can see this growing Gratitude flowing through and filling your heart, body and mind as golden white Light.

Then Feel
your inner Divine Bliss
sparkle and fill
your heart,
your day and
all your day’s activities,
your immediate surroundings,
neighboring countries,
other countries,
the entire Planet Earth.


For you,
your health,

for your loved ones,
their lives and
all their affairs.

for every human being on Earth,
their lives and all their affairs.

for all life everywhere,
for the world.

See You, your home, work, all your surroundings, your larger community, country, your Earth and all within and upon it swathed and completely embraced by Blissful golden white Light.

See it. Know it. FEEL it.

You are a Powerful Creator. Create a Healed, Blissful reality for you and your world, inside you.

Feed and nourish that chosen picture of reality each day more and more so you build it strong until it bursts forth into your outer reality, into your life and all your affairs and into your world, our collective world.

YES. You HAVE that power!

Through your attention, your focus, your intention, you allow your Divine Self/Consciousness to increase your own experience and expression of Divine Bliss in your life and throughout all life everywhere.



Powerfully life and Earth changing. 😉

The limpic area of your brain does not know the difference between you wishing yourself good or you wishing someone else good.

So in addition to the life and power you give your own life, projects and all your affairs when you wish them good, you also gain multiplied, additional, concentrated life and power when you wish others good too.

What you picture, intend, see for others, your brain experiences as you wishing for yourself.

The part I love about this is that your and my human personality selves don’t get to mess this up. We manage to do that brilliantly sometimes, yes?

When you and I choose to partner with our innate Divinity by calling it forth to Bless, Heal, Enlighten and infuse its Divine Bliss in our emotions, mind, body, life and affairs and the lives and affairs of all humans everywhere, that Bliss and Healing just flows through.

It’s super high Divine frequency cannot be used for silly or harmful things. This fifth and higher dimensional frequency simply doesn’t work this way. It’s not 3rd dimensional human duality energy that is fraught with stress, worry, hurt, anger and other 3rd dimensional frequencies that carry strong human emotional power.

Neither is it 4th dimensional straight thought and psychic frequency which some old human-directed power systems use to create, control and sometimes cause harm.

None of that can occur when using 5th and higher dimensional energy. Your Soul operates at the 5th dimensional frequency level. Your Divinity operates in many multidimensional levels beyond your 5th.

Your Soul is you. It’s yours. Your Divine Self/Divine Consciousness/God Self/Source Self.. whatever jargon tuns you on… is… yours. These are multidimensional aspects of you that serve, support and always stand ready to partner with your human personality self, with eyes reading this now.

Aligning with your Soul and integrating your Divinity is not looking and seeking and giving your power away to something outside of you. It is incorporating, integrating the Whole of You in you.

So when you consciously partner with and call in your Divine Self to Bless, Heal, Guide and fill you, your life, all your affairs and all Life everywhere with Its Divine Bliss, ONLY Divine Qualities flow.

Maybe we can chat about this in a Q&A sometime. It’s so powerful that understanding it so the mind can wrap around it more is useful. Allowing higher level wisdom in about this truly empowers HOW you go about creating your reality, your moments, minutes and days.

Until we get together, you can request Divine insights about this before beginning your deep meditations and also before you enter sleep and the dream state. 😉

So again…

Breathe. FEEL, Hold and Embrace the inner Bliss that’s always there.

I wish you Bubbling Blissful seconds, minutes, hours today, for the rest of the week and for all time.

Angel Hugzzzz,




Create Your Heaven On Earth Life – Tune Into Your Inner Divine Bliss Anytime You Want To

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