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Cosmic Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation Inner Power Hour Re-Starts

17 July 2014 No Comment

Hello again,

The past few months have been hectic, fun and revealing. The kids are now both enjoying their very long-awaited holiday.

Both were busy studying then cramming for their pre-university and end of year school exams. To say they are relieved they are over just doesn’t express their joy. -)

I survived it all and also managed to re-focus my business goals to include fiction writing.

It keeps calling to me, so I want to streamline my online spiritual retreat activities so I can devote a couple hours each day to writing stories.

One of the happy conclusions of this very interesting first seven months of our 2014 year so far is that I’ve restarted facilitating my monthly guided meditations.

When Guidance strongly suggested this to me in September of 2008, it was explained that the guided meditation would take the place of the 3-hour Awakening offline session I used to facilitate offline.

I LOVED the Awakening.
It was a way to deeply connect with my clients that helped them sort through their childhood experiences and the resultant beliefs about people and life that they took into their adult lives.

Each 3-hour session consisted of talking for approximately 70-90 minutes and then the table work began.

After calling in Mother/Father God, the Ascended Masters and Violet Flame, Blue Lightning and Golden Healing Angels, Elohim, Chohans, Kumaras and Archangels, I got out of the way and allowed my own Divine Self to channel the cosmic healing energies that were needed through me.

When I say that I LOVED facilitating these Awakenings, I mean it.

The sessions always felt so expansive to me and made me feel connected to the Vastness of All That Is.

My clients either fell asleep or went off into a meditative happy place and I always left them to nap and rest for awhile before going back into the room to finish up the feedback ending of the session.

So when Guidance told me back in 2008 that the channeled guided meditations I’d be facilitating would take the place of the offline Awakening session, my Divinity, Soul, Angelic and Cosmic Friend Team knew they’d get my attention. 😉

Although I had facilitated guided healing meditations for years in my offline weekly group and workshops, I was still a bit nervous.

This would be over the telephone and out of sight without that wonderful face-to-face connection. But I was reminded that I always facilitated long distance energy clearing before, including Awakenings. That reminder soothed my questions and worries away. 😉

So what followed was another interesting journey of a deeper unfolding partnership in a new format my Divine Source Self, Soul and myself.

In the facilitation of the cosmic spiritual healing guided meditation process, it is my Divine Self and Soul that are responsible for channeling in the cosmic healing energies of all the Ascended and Galactic Masters and other Cosmic Friends are part and parcel of these Cosmic Spiritual Healing Guided Meditations.

This was the start of my first foundational online spiritual healing and consciousness evolving program. I got to call it the “Inner Power Hour” because that’s just what it was and is.

This has always been the focus of my work with individual and group clients offline over the past few decades since 1990 and now via my online spiritual retreats center at the back end of this website.

Over the past few years, I’ve been amazed that I was deliberately learning how to manifest what I wanted instead of ‘doing it naturally’ the way I used to several decades ago.

It was important to break down the steps and understand the process because I was about to embark on taking my longtime offline desire manifestation work online.

So instead of offering offline group workshops and individual 3-hour Awakening energy medicine healing sessions, the healing format has transformed using the power of 21st century technology.

Now it’s one single hour each and every month via the telephone for you, with a group of other highly conscious Divine Humans, to consciously allow yourself to relax and align with your own Divine Self, Soul, Guardian Angels and universal Cosmic Support Team.

My own Team is always present but there is no way that you can show up and your own Cosmic Team isn’t also there channeling in their own special Divine Love and Healing to you.

Because the needs of each participant is known and catered for by the gathered Angelic, Ascended and Galactic Master and Cosmic Friend Teams, you enjoy a wonderful time specifically geared to your personal consciousness evolution and soul purpose fulfillment.

This includes the short and long term release of stress and stuck energy in the form of limiting thoughts and emotional baggage.

This also clears your energetic aura and enables you to align with and become accustomed to vibrating at your fifth dimensional Soul and higher dimensional Source energy frequencies.

This natural upleveling of your normal daily vibrational frequency is what draws your heart desires from your fifth dimensional vortex down into your third dimensional every day life.

This is the FUN process of mastering how to manifest individual desires faster and more smoothly over time in the process of creating your ever-evolving Heaven On Earth life.

As your desires grow, manifest and expand, your Divine Source’s experience of and full expression here on Earth increases and expands.

And your awareness and experience of yourself as a Divine Human grows and happily increases too.

The frequency of your heart desires that are awaiting you in your Soul-level vibrational vortex are more easily and smoothly matched when you master upleveling your normal daily frequency vibration as a matter of course.

This means increasing our ability to be truly, Soul-level grateful and happy. Always choosing to stay in touch with your emotions that guide you about whether what you’re trying to do is upstream or downstream and taking the easier, happier and higher-frequency-producing downstream option.

The “Inner Power Hour” is the glue that holds it all together. Because it’s totally stress-free. All we do is gather via telephone and laugh and relax before the 10:00am start-time.

Then we get to center, welcome in our Angelic and Cosmic Friends, deep breathe to ground and center even deeper and then off and away we go.

To wherever and whichever inner healing journey allows us to each clear, release and more deeply align with the Vastness of our Divine Source energy, with All That Is and with the Heaven On Earth life that is calling us forward each day.


Easy peasy.

And when our intervening days between each “Inner Power Hour” have been especially challenging or deeply transformational life-wise, we get to come together from the comfort of our own spaces again via telephone.

To once more relax and dive into the healing energies our own Divine Self, Soul, Guardian Angel and Cosmic Friends have ready and waiting for us.

I Am sooooo very happy to be facilitating these Cosmic Spiritual Healing Guided Meditations again.

Every single month since last September, when I took a break, on each second Sunday, I’ve checked the clock to see if it was 10:00am and felt a pang of… ‘ohhhhhh, we’re not meditating today’. 😉

The break has been wonderful. It’s great to know that I’m not continuously doing something out of habit but out of wanting to, out of service, out of just plain loving how great I feel when I ‘do it’.

So to re-state the basics, the “Inner Power Hour” is channeled LIVE each and every 2nd Sunday morning of each month at 10:00am, EST.

It is specifically focused on clearing and releasing energy blocks each participant has that stops them from manifesting what they want in their outer daily lives in between sessions.

The “Inner Power Hour” Cosmic Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation Program began way back in late 2008 and was conducted on a monthly basis from then right up to August of 2013 last year.

Then I took a break from facilitating it and have just now re-started.

If you’ve been looking for a way to connect much more deeply with your own Source or Divine Self, Soul, Guardian Angels and support system of Ascended and Galactic Masters, Violet Flame, Blue Lightning and Golden Healing Angels and other Cosmic Friends, you may find this particularly effective.

All your life experiences up to this time have helped you get very clear on what you want to manifest. Every day’s experiences hones that clarity even more.

And all this clarity about what you want has produced incredible fulfilled desires in your vortex that are just waiting for you to remember and want so deeply again that you vibrate at their frequency enough for them to pop out into full manifestation in your life.

It’s a delicious game of being clear about what we want, vibrating to match the frequency of the desire and then almost magically manifesting that desire when our vibrational frequency is strong and clear and high enough to HAVE what we want.

Have you been wanting to up your vibrational frequency to match the frequency of all your heart and Soul-level desires that you’ve already created? That you KNOW are waiting safely in your vortex, just right around the corner, for you to touch, feel, taste, smell and SEE it as already yours?

Faith… in things unseen… but none-the-less there for you, if you believe. If you know. If you trust.

If all of this resonates, I invite you to join me every second Sunday for a brand new Cosmic Spiritual Healing, Consciousness Evolving Guided Meditation journey.

Stepping into conscious vibrational alignment with your Divine Self, Soul, Guardian Angels and Support Team every month would be one smart, effective addition to your current vibration-upping arsenal. 😉

When you take the time to consciously vibrate at your deeper fifth dimensional Soul-level and higher dimensional Source Self frequency during our Cosmic Channeled Spiritual Healing “Inner Power Hour” Guided Meditations, you also power up your daily meditation practice.

Many find that they are able to attain a deeper level of Stillness in their personal daily meditation practice simply because they get more accustomed to the high vibrational cosmic frequencies available to them during the “Inner Power Hour”.

This allows them to feel more comfortable allowing that in during their private daily meditations to enjoy even deeper, very conscious Divinity integration and Soul alignment.

Come meditate with me to soothe and nurture your spirit. To more fully partner with your own Divinity, Soul, Guardian Angel and Cosmic Support Team.

And to have FUN being a part of a highly conscious Soul-level Family that knows and recognizes you at the Soul-level, and unconditionally loves and supports you.

To register, set up your GIFT online spiritual retreats membership. That will give you access to several complimentary bonus resources that come with your GIFT membership.

And you’ll see the LIVE “Inner Power Hour” Cosmic Healing Guided Meditation link on the right hand side of every page in the members area.

Once registered for the “Inner Power Hour” Program, you’ll have instant listening access to the last LIVE Recorded “Inner Power Hour” Guided Meditation.

As long as you are a member you’ll always be able to login to listen to each successive month’s LIVE Recorded Cosmic Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation again and again.

You’ll also be able to go back to any old Monthly “IPH” Guided Meditation, whenever you want to soak up the Soul-level mind body spirit nourishing, fifth and higher dimensional Soul-level loving healing energies. 😉

IF this calls to you and feels relevant to your current consciousness evolution journey, I look forward to welcoming you into the “Inner Power Hour” Cosmic Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation Program Membership.

And I’m excited about ‘meeting’ you personally ‘voice-wise’ via our next second Sunday morning telephone “IPH” Cosmic Guided Meditation.

With much love from my heart to yours and Angel Hugzzz,





Cosmic Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation the “Inner Power Hour” Re-Starts

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