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Clarify Results You Want Then Hold Them Within the Womb of Your Imagination Until They Are ‘Born’

1 February 2014 No Comment

Anxious, frustrated, feeling hopeless or worried about anything, anyone?

Candle Fire Light

Candle Fire Light

Vision in results you’d like to see in the area of life that’s bugging you.. individual or collective. HOLD that/those desired result pictures firmly in your heart and mind as you go about your days, every day.

Your investment of your life energy… feeling happy, expectant, excited about those pictures, those results manifesting… breathes Life into them and helps them get http://www.angelachenshui.com/blog/wp-admin/post.php?post=2084&action=edit&message=1#stronger on the fifth dimensional idea plane.

This process builds and builds until the strength of your focused desire is powerful enough to allow the results to burst into full three dimensional reality here in real Earth life.

“As above, so below.”

“As within, so without.”

Or as Abraham so eloquently puts it:

The Universe knows all things and is responding to the vibration that you are sending. When you are sending your vibration on purpose, you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you. -Abraham


A few caveats:

1. Don’t try to over-ride other people’s sacred creative power.

This process of manifesting what you want is for your stuff… your heart and Soul-level desires that have to do with you.

Don’t try to use this to force your ‘solution’ unto someone else. Whatever you create, you experience. You reap what you sow. No matter if it seems as if you get away with it.

So if you’ve recently broken up with the biggest love of your life and you’d like the person back in your life, this is not a way to try to accomplish that. 😉

OR if you’d like your child to study more for school or think your best friend should get rid of hir bike, imagine your child studying happily and your friend driving their fav car instead of imagining the bike stolen or ‘lost’.

Also, don’t forget the basics… like chatting more with your kid to help hir make the connection between achieving hir dreams and using a good education to move that forward.

OR if there’s some economic, political, social or other man-made system or structure that you hate, instead of investing your energy into prolonging it by fighting it inside and out, focus on your highest version solution to the issue involved and IMAGE-it-in to replace OR exist alongside what you don’t like.

In this way, you use your sacred creative energy to… CREATE solutions you desire rather than to try to uncreate what’s already been made manifest by the collective energy of others’ co-creative focus already.

Remember that Life is the most efficient accountant there is. And Life’s timeline is longggggg. 😉

Forcing someone else or trying to over-ride someone else’s free will choice will create karmic hassles for you, if not in this lifetime, definitely the next.

Don’t try it. Don’t do it!

Unless you’re still into creating endless drama that is. 😉

Stick to taking full responsibility for being the only creator in YOUR life, figure out and get clear on what YOU want to experience for your own good at Soul-level.

Then focus the full integrated power of your Soul, heart, mind and body on creating and manifesting that for yourself.


2. To manifest your preferred alternative for a group-oriented issue, focus on and picture your desired option.

So it doesn’t make sense to try to use this process to harm another. In any way, shape or form. Mentally through the power of thought, emotionally, physically.. whatever:

Nor does it make sense to use it to ‘mash up’ what’s already there, being used by many already.

a) It doesn’t work effectively for that

b) Wastes your sacred creative energy and

c) Distracts you from doing the inner alignment necessary to help you clarify what’s next for you, your growth and your continued unfolding happiness, success and life purpose fulfillment.

What eventually happens is that as your preferred solution exists and works for you and others alongside what was always there as the mainstream, accepted norm, more and more will notice the success of your alternative and come over to try it out in their own time, of their own free will.




An easy example of this is the alternative educational options that are already being used to educate children.

Many parents are using them and new parents are hearing about, exploring and choosing new options as time goes on. Eventually, educational systems worldwide will be replaced simply because the alternatives have been accepted and are being used by so many members of each society BEFORE becoming mainstream.


3. Allow time for the energy frequency supporting your desired creation to build.

Just as it took awhile for the undesired result to manifest, it takes awhile to un-create the old and recreate the new.

Most of us have forgotten our wonderful magical ‘let there be’ now powers.

So while we’re remembering all that, be patient with yourself and be diligent.

INVEST regular time, energy and love into the results you say you want.

A human baby takes 9 months in the womb and then another 20-30 odd years to get on hir feet effectively.

If you find that you get bored with picturing the heart desire results you want, you may find that you don’t really want the results you feel/think you do.

Generally, unless there’s fear involved, we’re willing to invest our time and energy into creating what’s important to us.

If doing that brings up fear or boredom that may be masking fear, then you need to do some inner clearing and releasing.

Ultimately, You are a Divine Creator.

You have full access to the power of your Divine Light. If you dare to own that. Hold that. Use it.

You get to focus it. You get to fill your heart and Soul desires with Life, with your Divine Light.

When you are in the process of en-wombing or en-Light-ening your heart and Soul-level desires each day, Be intense in your focus once you’re clear on what you truly, passionately want to create.

Then have FUN watching that inner movie EVERY DAY, feeling the enjoyment you experience inside as if you already have your desire fully manifest in your life.

You are IMAGIN-ING your desire INTO your life.

The more real it is to you, inside of you, the faster it will become real in your outer life and experience.

And the more you relax into becoming familiar with and mastering this process, the easier it becomes and the more FUN you have. 😉

Be Well and if you’d like to, share what heart and Soul desire you’ll be focusing on to manifest for yourself… I’ll ask my Angel and Cosmic Team to help you hold the picture.


I’ll be imagining in the first short story of a new fiction series I want to write and publish. 😉




Clarify Results You Want Then Hold Them Within the Womb of Your Imagination Until They Are ‘Born’

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