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Angela Chen Shui’s
Personal Mission Statement:
Assist one billion of the current almost 7 billion Human Angels on Earth to meet, integrate and fully express their divine nature so as to recreate Earth as a space where every human being has good food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, money supply, freedom and full self expression.


Angela Chen Shui, “the Soul Alignment Coach”, has been sharing Soul alignment and spiritual awakening principles and techniques with individuals and groups since 1990.

She is the author of a series of Learn How To Meditate publications, ‘Spiritual Guided Meditation – the Gentle Pathway to the Soul’ and ‘Learn How To Meditate – Light Body Spiritual Healing Meditation’ in addition to the SATYA Spiritual Ascension Messages series.

In her work as a spiritual teacher, Angela runs a spiritual online retreats website where she offers cosmic guided meditation, soul mate relationship and spiritual guidance programs, in addition to other Soul alignment courses, products and coaching.

You are invited to become more familiar with her work by accessing her weekly Inspirational Spiritual Quotes multimedia Gift newsletter, the “Soul Self Help Insights”. You will also be guided through a simple process to access your own Gift online spiritual retreats membership.

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