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Clarify Results You Want Then Hold Them Within the Womb of Your Imagination Until They Are ‘Born’

Anxious, frustrated, feeling hopeless or worried about anything, anyone?

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Heaven On Earth Spirituality Consciousness – Shifting Into the Fifth Dimension – How To Make It Easier

Hi there!
I realized a few days ago that I haven’t shared any of our “Soul Alignment Challenge Reminders” Program excerpts with you. Yes, I know…shocking! 😉

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First Spiritual Ascension Message Is Now Available Via Amazon Kindle

Hi there!
It’s been almost one full year since I last blogged after my Dad passed. It’s been a crazy almost-year and judging from this past week, it looks like that will only increase. 😉

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Celebrating the Life of Ernest Peter Jacobs – Rest In Peace Daddy

My Dad passed late on Sunday night.
I haven’t been online much since and just realized that I haven’t shared this with my wider online family.

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How To Write – Holly Lisle’s Create A World Clinic – The Step-By-Step System to Fast, Simple Worldbuilding for ALL Genres

I’ve been on a fiction writing exploration journey since about April/May of last year. I’ve always known I would write books… from as early as ten or eleven…but it’s something I’ve also always put off.

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For Daily Inspirational High Frequency Charging – Consciously Set Your Energy To Create Powerful Day #1

Good Morning to you from Jamaica on this wonderful 2nd Thursday and the twelfth day of December, 2013.

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